Who REALLY is this “Fake Zappa”?

This is strictly an educational website dedicated to raising awareness about an individual that we have deemed to be harmful and undermining the traditional values of American society. We are not supporting, nor are we promoting his work, his views, or his agenda; nor do we want to harm him, his followers, or his associates in any way. We are simply concerned that everyone who is considering giving any attention or cooperation to this “artist” should consider knowing the TRUTH of what is really going on to make an informed decision before proceeding. Any harm this website does to his reputation is because of concerned taxpayers and voters taking action makes us not at fault or liable. We are just stating the FACTS, and if this information destroys his career or his legal standing, it is strictly not our intention but a consequence of his actions.

What is the TRUTH about Fake Zappa?
His name isn’t Zappa first off. His real name is Jason Ingram, and he has not finished any formal education, nor is he qualified to speak on matters pertaining to the United States government, healthcare, or even American history.
Mr. Ingram is more of a Con Artist, than an actual Artist. He has not worked an actual full-time job in well over a decade, and has not paid taxes in several years although he’s living off of real estate funds, has lived off of money from others (AKA, a “trust baby”, etc…), and to make matters worse, he’s actually getting well over a thousand dollars each month claiming to be on Social Security Disability, using Medicare funding in addition to state and local benefits (that he still collects although he’s no longer living in his home state). He has also been receiving free healthcare from another state he visited where they listed Mr. Ingram as “homeless”.


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