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My Story

Let me introduce myself, my name (or at least the name I go by publicly) is Janice Wilcox, and I’m a working single mother (grandma) of two. I work part time, and live in the Middle America suburbs. To make a (very) long story short, I have had to raise two of my grandkids, two young boys, the youngest is special needs and they have been homeschooled since they have been living with me. Although I tried to legally adopt them, I was unable to and gave up getting support. I also had to give up getting support for my pain issues. I suffer from a rare chronic pain disorder (similar to fibromyalgia) and apparently it’s not legally considered a qualifying disease to get on disability (and the fact that I am technically working) even though I have a doctor and an attorney backing me up. But, life goes on, and I am glad to have good friends, faith, and family.

This whole campaign thing started earlier in 2020 when my older son (Josiah) came to me because he kept being exposed to this weird campaign ad on youtube. Then I learned that it was all over social media, and getting a lot of attention. It was of this hippie looking guy who was cussing (although badly censored, it was obvious what he was saying) and apparently running for president. If it was some kind of joke you’d think it would be funny, but it just isn’t. I wondered why this guy was spending money for this “waste of time” and the deeper I dug, the weirder things got…

Within a few months, thanks to a few nerdy friends who helped me research, I learned a lot about this phony. It wasn’t hard to learn his real name, he’s pretty open about that, including some very harmful views and opinions, but what really got me was where he got his money, and especially why he is doing all of this useless stuff online. Anyway, Josiah started getting into this guy’s material and I was faced with a mom’s dilemma: do I ban him from certain things, or give him the freedom to make these decisions on his own? One of the videos (and even the title is crude, so I won’t share that, but here’s the LINK for a reference) was about unprotected and promiscuous gay sex, which Ingram seems to promote. I don’t consider myself homophobic but there are some things that just aren’t right, period. Another video of his was something I noticed my grandson watching where Ingram was touching himself inappropriately, getting drunk, cussing, smoking, etc…

So, I got together my fellow homeschool peeps, mostly other single mothers, and brought this up. (We call ourselves the Mom Squad). They didn’t have much to say at first, but when I started showing them the research, it became more apparent that something needs to change. Is anyone speaking out about this? Yes, in fact there are several comments and even posts on Reddit and stuff like that about this so called “Fake Zappa”; but nobody is willing to get their hands dirty, and invest some time and money into actually doing anything about it. (Apparently, even fans of Frank Zappa can’t stand this guy!)

We decided to keep all of this stuff private (and off the public inter-webs) until we had everything prepared, so there were no public fundraising pages and stuff like that. One of my young geek friends from church agreed to make a fake facebook account and see if we could try to infiltrate this Ingram guy, and see how much dirt we could find, and wow, things got more and more intense. One funny thing about his facebook page, is that apparently he hates everyone on his friends list, but he doesn’t unfriend them because he thinks it looks good to have over a thousand people on it. We started “friending” and chatting with a handful of people who were recently posted as being associating with each other, and ironically, they didn’t like this guy as well.

One young man in particular, who’s name is Kevin, tried to do business with Ingram earlier in the year. After several days of communicating with him, I asked Kevin if he could provide me with some media to help with my video. He was surprisingly helpful, and didn’t even ask for any money in return. Some of this footage was not available online, and for good reason. Ingram admits on camera that he is after power, attention, and influence. I also found out that that clip was edited out of another video about him trying to defend his motives about what he does. He claims that he’s trying to be some kind of activist about mental health issues, but I smell a rat.

This Ingram guy has been “milking” the system for a long time while getting sympathy for so-called “invisible” disabilities. He refuses to get a job, yet he manages to get income from not only the federal government, but family, and other sources like real estate. If you watch enough of his videos, he admits a lot of things like this, but he’s also clever to not incriminate himself; so this is a tough guy to go after. As an older single woman, I don’t feel safe revealing my identity or showing my face; especially because I don’t feel safe about this man. In fact, he scares me. He’s the kind of guy who will be barred from a pub because he would shout, cuss, and make people feel so threatened that they would have to kick him out. He’s had the police called only to have him threaten to sue an organization that’s run by older conservatives.

I understand mental illness a LOT. I have suffered from depression and anxiety, especially related to my pain issues. I am raising a young boy who’s intellectually handicapped and who’s also dealing with something called “oppositional defiance”. There are not a lot of children named Larry these days, but yes, that’s his name. He has his moments, but I believe he’s very sincere kid, and he’s always trying to help people out, even if it’s intrusive. Anyhow, Larry’s uncle, his namesake (not a blood relative of mine) is a guy who reminds me so much of this Ingram guy. “Crazy Larry” as he was called, was as lovable as he was a big nuisance. Seriously, this guy was worthless, and thought he was God’s gift to the arts! He didn’t want to finish school, work hard like other artists do to get recognized, and was living off of other people’s money.

One of the saddest things about Larry (the old Larry) was that everyone tried to get him help but he kept drinking and drugging. All he could get was nightclub gigs and a lot of free beer. He was an epic loser, and refused to take responsibility. He claimed to be disabled but I saw him function well enough to work and support himself. Even though at times he was quite liked (well enough to have a kid named after him) eventually he slipped further into stupidity until he ended up dead. I don’t want Larry (the young Larry) to end up like him, although his some of the family sings his praises as if he was some kind of saint. If he was still alive today, I would NOT let my kids around him. I am also glad Crazy Larry never became a public figure. Some of the kids idolized that loser and I would hate to see my boys, or any child grow up to be a guy like that. If he had gotten famous, imagine all the other people who would have gone down that same path?

Ingram is a textbook con artist. I was told by a few people that knows him that they even admit that he’s a psychopath, a sociopath, and a narcissist. If this loser gets famous, just imagine the harm he could do. Although it’s sad what happened to him in 2018 and I don’t want to minimize that hardship, based on what I’ve learned about him, I personally believe in my heart of hearts that he intentionally burned his house down, and even killed his cat on purpose. It all adds up. Not only that, he will even post videos of himself crying on camera, trying to gain more sympathy for his scams. On his website, he even goes so far to call them “scams” and yet still, nobody does anything about this troublemaker.

Still to this day, he has never been arrested for any crime. We have researched every state he’s lived in (and this guy really gets around) and there’s nothing but some expired tags and little things like that. Nobody has confronted him about fraud, period. Not even his family, and they are convinced that he is very insincere. He refuses to talk to any of them (no surprise there) and his family is full of highly educated mental health and healthcare professionals! He still refuses to listen to them, nor any other sound advice.

So, have I contacted him? Yes, and I don’t want to release the transcript (at least not yet). It took a long time to hear back from him, and when we chatted, he seemed really nice at first. When I confronted him on these facts, things got weird, really weird. He thinks he’s some kind of savior or something like that. There’s just no getting through to this guy, he’s so deceived. Now, I don’t consider myself a religious person, and I don’t go to church every Sunday (although I have friends that are way more active in our little community church). Ingram believes that ALL Christians are crazy. In fact, on his personal youtube account, he literally talks for hours about this; even liberal churches and “gay” churches are a form of “insanity” according to Ingram in addition to bible-based congregations.

Then, to make matters worse, he still tries to function in these communities and make gospel music, even though he is super anti-god in his beliefs. He enjoys messing with people, whether they agree with his views or not. I think he just likes to stir up trouble. Heck, he won’t get a real job and it’s obvious he’s got nothing better to do in life. This was also something I noticed about Crazy Larry. He’d pretend to dedicate his life to Jesus, only to use well-meaning church goers and soon end up at the bars again.

Ingram drinks booze, although he claims in moderation, he has been known to get drunk. In a recent interview, he was even drunk (and apparently on drugs) at a national park! He justifies this by saying something to the effect that he got bullied by, get this, a gay guy! No wonder why he wanders around in an RV these days. Nobody seems to like him, not even his own community, and he goes from place to place, and if a certain business doesn’t roll out the Red Carpet for him and give him what he wants, he will write things on their property. He’s done this in several cities, and nobody has busted him for vandalism, at least not yet.

One of the biggest things that bothers me about this guy, is the fact that he seems to complain most of the time that he’s not privileged enough. He’s white and male. He’s got enough money to fund his deceiving PR campaigns and stay in resorts floating in heated swimming pools while he drinks, gets high, and meets men online; then he claims to be “working” although I don’t think he actually makes any money from his “work”. (Don’t even get me started on his public nudity.) People aren’t buying his albums, or paying enough attention to him, so he does these publicity stunts to make up for his lack of talent and hard work. He even claims to run a band, although lives hundred and sometimes thousands of miles away from this so-called group he supposedly manages.

If he really lives with an illness that makes him deserve all this support, he shouldn’t be trying to work at all. In fact, I think he should stay put, get help, and maybe volunteer his time doing something worthwhile and humble, like serving in a soup kitchen or something like that. If he really wants to preach about healthcare and government, maybe he should actually finish one of the schools he dropped out of and get established and recognized. Also, with all that other support he gets, he doesn’t even need to be on SSDI, whether he actually suffers or not. I don’t even think he supports any mental health nonprofits, and I have heard that organizations like NAMI and others do so much for the mentally ill, although he says nothing but bad things about them.

So, here I am, raising two very high maintenance kids, without a husband and a full time job (I put in abut 20-30 hours working from home) literally supporting this whole household on my own, while guys like Ingram get away with all of this and nobody seems to do anything about it. I pray for him, and wish him the best. I’m sure there’s some good in him, but I don’t see it; but I shouldn’t be the one to judge. That’s Someone else’s job. All I want to do is tell my story, share the facts, and with my example, and the examples of others, make a better world for our children. There’s also nothing wrong with speaking the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts. There’s nothing I can do about that. It’s just a consequence of someone’s actions, and I hope that guys like this change their act while there’s still time, or else they have to pay the price for what they do.

America need better examples for our young people. I’m definitely not a saint, although if I had the choice (and if I felt safe to go public) I think people like me should get the spotlight, not entitled old trust babies like Fake Zappa. I honestly don’t know a lot about Frank Zappa, but I find it amusing that Zappa fans seem to really hate this Fake Zappa! Frank Zappa was known to make some really bad records and was even accused of making audio “porn”. The real Zappa had real music and business skills and worked hard. This “Fake” guy thinks he can just call himself anything and get all the perks of someone else’s career that’s been dead almost three decades. This whole thing is sad, and I wish there is some way to stop it, but people will do this stuff, and all I can do is raise awareness and hope for the best.

More to come soon…


Look closely at this photo and notice what flags he’s portraying… If Ingram is really a “progressive”, why is there a blatant racist symbol (in the form of a confederate flag) being used to showcase one of his products?

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